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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Woman Saves Thousands of Orphans

April 19, 2016 An excerpt from USA Today MUMBAI, INDIA - Caroline Boudreaux had all the material things she wanted in Austin, TX, but still wasn't satisfied with her life. "My life before the sabbatical on the outside looked like what everybody wanted, but on the inside it was actually pretty empty," said Boudreaux, a former television account [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Millionaire Pays for Kindergarten Class to Go to College

Excerpt from Opposing Views on Facebook April 15, 2016 Instead of buying a yacht or another sports car, this millionaire decided to pay for an entire kindergarten class to go to college. Millionaire Marty Burbank was about to buy a new yacht when was inspired by his minister to change the future of a kindergarten [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: This City Effectively Tackled Homelessness

Excerpt from Upworthy March 21, 2016 This city tackled homelessness by giving every resident a roof over their head. They found it's cheaper, sometimes as much as five times cheaper, to build housing than to deal with the homeless problem in their city. Housing First, the program that deals with homeless housing says "it's hard [...]

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