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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Colorado City To Use $1.5MIL in Pot Tax to Help Homeless

Now here’s an idea we hope catches fire. Aurora, Colorado’s third-largest city, recently announced how it will use $1.5 million generated from a tax on recreational pot to supporting homeless people, the Aurora Sentinel reported. The city first made the announcement in September, and has now designated a number of groups to receive the funds. [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Sleep Buses For Homeless

April 28, 2016. An excerpt from Upworthy. By Cameron Stevenson. This Austrailian guy is buying 300 charter buses for an incredible reason: 100,000 homeless folks. 300 busses. And one simple solution. In 1993, Simon Rowe hit hard times, and the only place he had to sleep at night was his car. Two decades later, and no [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: This City Effectively Tackled Homelessness

Excerpt from Upworthy March 21, 2016 This city tackled homelessness by giving every resident a roof over their head. They found it's cheaper, sometimes as much as five times cheaper, to build housing than to deal with the homeless problem in their city. Housing First, the program that deals with homeless housing says "it's hard [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Homeless Man Voluntarily Cleans Beach

An excerpt from Huffington Post March 16, 2016 A recent photo shows a homeless man cleaning the beach, allowing vacationers to enjoy their fun in the sun. Jay Margolis,an entrepreneur who lives in Cape Town, South Africa, recently shared photos on Facebook, which featured a homeless man named Siyabulela “Dan” Magobiyane, picking up trash in [...]

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