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Source Imperative is a blog and a free “toolbox” filled with ideas and inspiration. It came to life because I believe people want and need to wake up to their purpose in life so that, collectively, we can and we will change the world. Even as some of us look around and say there is no way to clean up the mess we have created, I believe there is an imperative to do just that. The source of that imperative is passion. Learn more

30-Day Meditation Series – #30 What Now?

What Now? As I meditated this morning my chest felt constricted. I breathed into it and wondered why I was feeling this way. What came forth was a sense of resistance. But resistance to what? I have completed thirty days of meditation. I kept my commitment and finished. So why the feeling of resistance? What came forth was a sense [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #29 Collaboration

Collaboration I've been working on creating what I lovingly refer to as my passion project for about a year. The primary focus has been my website,, which provides a forum for sharing information and resources that enable people to easily explore opportunities for finding purpose. It has thus far been a solo endeavor, but I have always believed it [...]

30-Day Meditation Series – #26 On Being Conflicted

On Being Conflicted The phrase "outside influences" caught my attention as I meditated this morning, reminding me how the beliefs and actions of others sometimes influence me. My thoughts shifted to being conflicted about much of what I see happening in the world today. There are days when I feel so strongly about what I believe that I set my [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #27 Surrender

Surrender As I directed my thoughts toward setting my intention this morning, I heard the word surrender. Surrender, for me, equates to letting go and allowing whatever is meant to be. It means being receptive to that which I might miss, or even consciously pass up if I am too focused on controlling every aspect of whatever is unfolding in my [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #25 Reflection

Reflection When the timer went off this morning I prolonged the meditation, partly because I was surprised it was over (that in itself is very telling) and partly because I was disappointed that I hadn't set any intention for my writing, a practice that has proven productive over the past few weeks. I also noticed that I felt a relaxed [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #24 Physical Sensations

The Physical Body During Meditation I have noticed in several of my meditations  that I stop feeling my body. It's as if it goes to sleep but my mind is still alert. When the meditation is over, there is a tingling feeling in my limbs as if they are coming back to life.  Reflecting on these sensations makes me think [...]

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