Look Who’s Making A Difference: Colorado City To Use $1.5MIL in Pot Tax to Help Homeless

Now here’s an idea we hope catches fire. Aurora, Colorado’s third-largest city, recently announced how it will use $1.5 million generated from a tax on recreational pot to supporting homeless people, the Aurora Sentinel reported. The city first made the announcement in September, and has now designated a number of groups to receive the funds. The Colfax Community Network, a nonprofit that supports families living in motels, will receive $200,000 from the special fund, according [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Plastic Bottle Village Designed to Coexist With Nature

Robert Bezeau, Bottle Village Founder, has developed a simple technique for recycling plastic bottles into walls. The bottles are deposited into wire mesh and then into rebar frames. Plastic Bottle Walls provide great insulation and could lower the temperature inside a structure by as much as 35 percent. Three or four guys could easily build a one-story structure in less than a day. The average person will use 14-15,000 water bottles in a lifetime. A [...]

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Source of Hope: Woman Pays A Man’s Cell Phone Bill, He Gets Job the Same Day

  An Alaska woman's act of kindness helps a struggling man get back on his feet. On her Facebook page, Kenyada Waters explains how when she passed a man standing on the side of the road holding a sign, she knew she needed to help. At first, Waters was going to offer the man some small odd jobs at her business, but then she realized she could help out more. The man explained to her that he [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: All-Volunteer Squad Is Turning Florida Lawns Into Food Farms

Rows of greens grow in the front yard of Gary Henderson's house. He's one of a handful of homeowners in Orlando, Fla., who've given up their lawn to Fleet Farming. Once "you realize that you can eat your lawn, I think it makes a whole lot of sense," Henderson says. In Florida, homeowners have a propensity for landscaping. They take great pride in the green carpet of grass in front of their homes. But one [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Grocery Store On Wheels Changes How People Access Fresh Produce

  A retired city bus in St. Louis, Missouri is turning into a mobile farmers market to sell groceries to the city’s food insecure. Known as the St. Louis MetroMarket, this mobile farmers market aims to increase access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods that don’t have grocery stores, often known as food deserts. The grocery store on wheels is set to launch at the end of May. St. Louis University medical student Jeremy Goss founded [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference – Innovative Preschool Teaches Urban Farming

As a homesteading parent that also unschools (child led life-learning), I know just how educational time in the garden can be. Recently, we have been planting our spring garden and identifying plants with the Like That Garden smartphone app. The kids love the time in the sun and there is never a shortage of things to explore and learn about. With the educational and enriching nature of gardening in mind, a group of designers from Rome, [...]

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