About Mona

monaMy bio, as it relates to what I’m doing now, is the result of my life-long journey of self-discovery. Over the course of my life, I have been a wife, a workaholic, a corporate executive, a business owner, an overachiever slash perfectionist and a rebellious advocate for women’s inalienable right to have a voice in how our lives unfold. I was devoted to the American dream of having it all and I walked out of poverty to claim my place in a world where, like so many others from my generation, I measured my success by my material possessions.

Each and every one of the circumstances, situations and choices I have encountered thus far have been relevant to my personal growth, whether they were joyful, humiliating or adversarial. However, during my 25 year career in the escrow industry, a few other entrepreneurial pursuits, and a return to academia to complete my BA in English, I learned my most important lesson – passion is the driving force for living a meaningful, joyful life. And, along with that lesson, I came to a very life-altering realization – that I am more than my accomplishments.

I am a uniquely evolving individual; a mother and grandmother imbued with the capacity for humility and unconditional love. I am a seasoned veteran of the women’s movement as I shift, via my acquired wisdom, into my role as guardian for the up and coming generations. In this final phase of my life, I am an advocate for compassion, empathy, tolerance and world peace which, for me, are the lifeblood of humanity that I believe can and will sustain a global community.

Recently, as I was contemplating how to reinvent myself, I came to the realization that I am passionate about writing. I want to incorporate this passion into my life’s work in a way that inspires people to find meaning in their lives.

This passion for writing was complemented by another discovery. I will always be a feminist, but I have discovered my feminista, as I gradually allowed my feminine side to blend with and temper the masculine persona that had defined me through much of my life. As I reflected on my climb up the corporate ladder to crash the glass ceiling, I realized my feminista had been buried, for safe keeping, and only pushed to the surface when I no longer had anything to prove in the corporate arena.

As I enter this next phase of my as yet unwritten bio, my feminista is alive and thriving; and it is she whose voice I have unleashed in my current endeavors as a blogger and advocate for humanity. Crafting my passionate ideas and beliefs into a meaningful string of words inspires me. That those words would incite introspection and lively discussion from those who read them, empowers me as a writer, a woman and most importantly at a human being.