Purpose, Mission, Vision


Source Imperative Purpose

As individuals search for meaning in life, Source Imperative educates and inspires people to seek out and embrace that meaning, both for individual fulfillment and as a realization that each individual’s unique purpose weaves into the fabric of humanity. As a mandate for the betterment of the human race, we inspire and empower people to step into their true potential, with an end goal to live in joyful service to humanity.

Source Imperative Mission

jump-sunsetSource Imperative provides information, educational tools and inspiration that encourage each individual on the planet to wake up to his or her unique purpose, and to explore the possibilities for living a purposeful, passionate life. As a multi-faceted resource, Source Imperative offers informative blogs; opportunities that enable us to contribute to enriching our global community; and a call to action from those who, by their own examples for living life with meaning, have already paved the way.


Source Imperative Vision

In a world where individually we might feel helpless to make a significant difference, we can and must rely on our fellow human beings. Collectively, we can foster and promote a global community where tolerance, empathy and compassion, for all human beings, transcends boundaries, ethnicities, cultural beliefs and politics. With this vision as the driving force for all of our choices and our actions, we can rise above hatred and violence to co-exist in a peaceful world. Our hearts will sing with the beauty of finding our way home.