It’s just not right that …

…fill in the blanks with what is bothering you about the state of the world today. Ask yourself why it’s not right and then, ask yourself what you are willing do about it. Most likely, your willingness is outweighed by your frustration, or even anger, about the state of the world right now. Why? Because the truth of the matter is that we are born to care about and to love each other, but we have learned to criticize and judge instead. We need to reset our course, but doing so is a choice and one which can be challenging for each of us.

Source Imperative is a blog created to focus on consciousness-raising issues that will call us all to task. But, it is so much more. It is a catalyst for connecting like-minded people who are ready to embrace their potential. It is a “toolbox” filled with ideas, inspiration and resources for exploring purpose and passion. And, it’s free for you to utilize, if you are ready to play an active role toward the betterment of yourself and humanity.


Source Imperative’s “toolbox” is an ever-expanding resource for information you need to get involved, fulfill your purpose with passion, and engage with humanity as an active member of our global community. Let’s face it, we all live busy lives and carving out time for humanitarian causes can be challenging. This toolbox is designed to help you find the time, energy and resources to engage without having to take on the world all by yourself.

The toolbox is filled with links to articles, books, blogs, news feeds, websites, organizations, key influencers and even conscious corporations. We’ve done the research and a good deal of the legwork for you. Now you have no excuse to avoid getting involved. All you have to do is decide what issue grabs your heart so you can get started.

Free resource. A Toolbox full of inspiration and ideas.


The Blog

The Source Imperative blog was designed to help all of us get motivated to find our purpose and live a passionate life.  It is divided into four categories. –  #PickYourPassion, #InItTogether, #GiveAHandUp , and #BridgeTheGap. Each section has been created to inspire you, educate you and help you connect with people about what’s currently trending in social media regarding humanitarian efforts around the world. Here’s a brief overview of each category: View Blog



I believe there is a human imperative that calls us to go within and discover the true source of our connection to humanity – our hearts. If we sit quietly and listen, it is in our hearts that we will tap into our potential and our unique purpose. Once we embrace our purpose, we will be compelled to live a passionate life, one that is in sync with all of humanity. Why? Because we are hardwired, so to speak, to care and love others as an integral part of our human experience and it shows up when we are passionate. Read more



Each of us has a story. By sharing our stories, we are inspired to connect with others around our commonalities.
We realize we are in it together in our humanness. We are in it together when we are inspired by others, whose stories reveal they are already making a difference in the world. We are in it together when we realize we each
have a role to play and our stories matter. We are in it together when we connect with others through thoughts, shared hope and activism for social justice and positive change in our global community. Read more


One of our most endearing innately human traits is our capacity for love and compassion, which for most of us leads to many random acts of kindness throughout our lives. Still, the current state of the world can leave us feeling frustrated at our inability to help others. Here’s the good news. Each of us simply needs to do our part toward making a difference. It begins by connecting to our purpose. A sense of purpose enables us to see the world from a different perspective, which in turn inspires us to be kinder. Then, as we give even one other person a hand up and out of a debilitating circumstance, we contribute to a ripple effect in the world and we trade helplessness for hope. Read more



Source Imperative is meant to be a catalyst for change; change that could alter the way we each interact with our fellow human beings. But, in order for change to be effective, we must be willing to bridge some existing gaps, through open-minded communication and collaboration. Gaps we need to bridge include race, class, political agendas, and cultural differences. This section of the Source Imperative blog will tackle age and gender, because doing so will inspire us to come together around our commonalities that make us human. Read more