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30-Day Meditation Series – #27 Surrender

Surrender As I directed my thoughts toward setting my intention this morning, I heard the word surrender. Surrender, for me, equates to letting go and allowing whatever is meant to be. It means being receptive to that which I might miss, or even consciously pass up if I am too focused on controlling every aspect of [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #15 Fulfillment of Purpose

Fulfillment of Purpose As I set my intention for what I want to feel today, the word fulfillment floated in. After a few repetitions of "I set my intention for fulfillment" I heard hopes, dreams, aspirations, and then "fulfillment of purpose" came through. I thought Ah! There it is. That resonates. Fulfillment of purpose has [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #9 Procrastination

Procrastination I have been beating myself up a lot lately about my incessantly nagging need to procrastinate when it comes to moving toward a goal. Since I launched my blog, procrastination as been a regular "go to." I have noticed repeatedly that when I write I can move through a topic quite fluidly on the [...]

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