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Source Imperative is a blog and a free “toolbox” filled with ideas and inspiration. It came to life because I believe people want and need to wake up to their purpose in life so that, collectively, we can and we will change the world. Even as some of us look around and say there is no way to clean up the mess we have created, I believe there is an imperative to do just that. The source of that imperative is passion. Learn more

30-Day Meditation Series – #11 Worry

Worry The word worry drifted into my meditation this morning like a lone balloon on a string begging me to grab it before it floated away. As it hovered above the chatter seeking a crack to slip through, I declared to myself that I am not much of a worrier. Still, it showed up for some reason and I thought [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #10 Finding Purpose in the Mundane

Finding Purpose in the Mundane I believe that we each have a purpose for being here, a purpose that inspires and empowers us to serve humanity on behalf of our creator source. But, for me, finding purpose and living with purpose has been a long and arduous process. Why? Because I have always aspired to find some grandiose purpose that [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #9 Procrastination

Procrastination I have been beating myself up a lot lately about my incessantly nagging need to procrastinate when it comes to moving toward a goal. Since I launched my blog, procrastination as been a regular "go to." I have noticed repeatedly that when I write I can move through a topic quite fluidly on the first pass. However, the editing [...]

30-Day Meditation Series – #8 Saying Farewell

Saying Farewell The word greed floated in as I meditated this morning. I was surprised because I don't often dwell on greed as a topic. Still, it did show up and I felt compelled to allow it access to my quiet space. Perhaps it showed up to remind me I am too critical of people I perceive as being greedy. [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #6 – Nothing

Nothing Nothing much came as I typed for a few minutes after my meditation. I just produced a mind dump and some thoughts about the state of our country and the livelihoods of most Americans as we anticipate launching into WWIII after the massacres in Paris and San Bernardino. I decided to move that thought tirade out of this blog [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #5 – Who Am I?

Who Am I? Today my meditation practice was frustrating. I was restless and my thoughts were invasive to the point that I felt like I was wasting time. This is a familiar pattern that has derailed my past attempts at meditation. First, I feel like I'm wasting time, followed by a few days of telling myself I don't need to [...]

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