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Source Imperative is a blog and a free “toolbox” filled with ideas and inspiration. It came to life because I believe people want and need to wake up to their purpose in life so that, collectively, we can and we will change the world. Even as some of us look around and say there is no way to clean up the mess we have created, I believe there is an imperative to do just that. The source of that imperative is passion. Learn more

30-Day Meditation Series – #23 Altruism

Altruism The word altruism floated into my mind this morning. I decided to look up the meaning because it is one of those words that seems to hang out on the periphery of the English language rather than inserting itself into our daily vocabulary. I have an app on my phone that gathers definitions from multiple sources. The definitions are, [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #22 Authenticity

Authenticity I hear and read a lot these days about the importance of being authentic.  And, although I believe I am an authentic person, I also believe that we all wear masks, that we all attempt to hide parts of ourselves that we are not comfortable revealing to others. For me, discomfort reigns supreme when I feel vulnerable. I perceive [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #21 Belief

Belief It seems my meditations are creating space for me to find simple words that ignite my thought process, often around things that I take for granted. Today that word is belief. I know what I believe. I embrace what I believe. But I have often wondered where my beliefs come from. Why do I believe what I believe? I [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #20 Benevolence

Benevolence As I sat in stillness this morning and focused my attention on asking what it is I want to feel today, I heard the word benevolence. I wasn't surprised. It is, after all, only a few days until Christmas and I am inclined to feel especially benevolent during this season. As I contemplate my motivation today for delivering Christmas [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #18 Hopeful Anticipation

Hopeful Anticipation Recently, I watched an interview that Oprah did with Gloria Steinem, who at the time of the interview was eighty-one years of age. The interview was prompted by the release of Gloria's new book My Life On The Road. It is the first book she has written in twenty years and it chronicles what she has learned from [...]

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30-Day Meditation Series – #19 Contentment

Contentment I haven't always been content with my life. There were many years when I thought striving for the next best whatever was what life was about. Whether the best whatever was material, emotional, or relational, I thought I was on a course that began at birth and ended at death. All points in between should include bettering myself in [...]

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