It’s Imperative

Source Imperative is a blog and a free “toolbox” filled with ideas and inspiration. It came to life because I believe people want and need to wake up to their purpose in life so that, collectively, we can and we will change the world. Even as some of us look around and say there is no way to clean up the mess we have created, I believe there is an imperative to do just that. The source of that imperative is passion. The resources in this section and the blogs are written to inspire you and give you encouragement along the way, as you pursue your purpose and live a passion life. Some of the topics we’ll explore include:

  • Purpose and Passion
  • Create Your Legacy
  • Explore, Engage, Enjoy
  • Have Fun, Be Joyful
  • Consciousness
  • Mindfulness
  • Compassion
  • Divine Source
  • Conscious Activism
  • Social Justice
  • World Peace

Find Your Purpose

Pick Your Passion is a phrase I coined as I observed too many people sitting on the sidelines of life feeling marginalized, frustrated, angry or numb about the state of the world or their personal circumstances. I also observed a defeatist attitude in many people, as they gravitate to media hype, sensationalism and political agendas, all the while feeling helpless and hopeless. Put simply, many people have opted for complacency over action.

Wondering how I could do my part to change the world, and sensing in myself the same hopelessness and helplessness I saw in so many others, I came upon an idea. There are seven billion people on the planet. Instead of trying to save the world, what if each of us chooses just one thing to get passionate about and then takes action? read more…

A year-long exploration, following many bread crumbs and finding countless resources and opportunities where people could make a difference, I was inspired to create It is a site where people, who have limited time and resources, will connect with the tools needed to find and live a passionate, purposeful life. Now that you’re here, you may find inspiration and answers in the blog or you may choose to go directly to the resources I have provided.

Whatever you decide, all you have to do is get in touch with what resonates for you. You’ll very likely be surprised to find, just as I did, that your purpose has been nagging at you for a long time, awaiting the moment when you would say it’s time to step into your true potential. You may not be able to save the world, but you can save one person. Start with yourself. Explore your options and see where it takes you. Be the change that you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Purpose Leads to Passion

dock-oceanThe ultimate gift you can give yourself is to find your purpose, get passionate about it and live a meaningful life. That gift allows you to see the world from a different perspective and tap into the emotions of passion, which are happiness and joy.

Here’s some good news – Victor Frankl devoted his life to studying what makes us happy and he found repeatedly, even as he was interned in a Nazi prison camp, that “happiness cannot be pursued; it ensues as a result of living a life of meaning and purpose.” He taught people to discover meaning and purpose by doing work that matters, loving others unconditionally, and finding meaning in suffering.

“…the last of the freedoms left to us under the most trying circumstances is the freedom to choose how to respond. Suffering minus meaning = despair. If we can find meaning, the level of despair goes down, if we can find a great deal of meaning, despair can disappear all together.

Victor Frankl
Man’s Search for Meaning

An Idea, When Nurtured Could Unleash Your Passion

For those of you reading this who have fleeting moments of happiness and joy, or for those who are craving it because it is a rarity, let me put this pursuit of purpose into perspective. It all starts with an idea; and ideas, when nurtured morph into purpose and passion.

Worried that you don’t have time? Well, don’t. There are 168 hours in a week. Start by thinking about where you might be able to carve out 3-5 hours a week. Five hours equates to 3% of your time every week, the equivalent a few hours of TV. Think of it as tithing of your time. And, it really is a small sum to pay for a happy, joyful life.

Your Not Alone

sitting-aloneSource Imperative gives you the opportunity to explore, test the water and enjoy the process. And, when you find yourself gravitating to that ONE issue over and over (trust me, you will) and want more information, you may discover that it’s time to dive in, to join a network, and to immerse yourself in a sense of purpose that fills you with joy.

What do you have to lose? Source Imperative is at your disposal. It’s free except for an investment of your time and your commitment to getting involved. Check it out and see if you find, like me, that one breadcrumb leads to another and another and another until you have forgotten that you were complacent and apathetic and angry and frustrated because you had no control over the events and circumstances of your life.

As you walk through the process, you may even choose an issue that frustrates you at times, but you will likely begin to see that you can join forces with others and actually become a force to be reckoned with. Living a passionate life, you will move from frustration to making a positive, impactful difference in the world. I know this to be true because I already see it happening all over the world.

Is today the day you decide to step into your purpose so you can live a passionate life?