Stories Inspire Purpose

Source Imperative is a blog about consciousness-raising issues that will call us all to task, and a free “toolbox” filled with ideas and inspiration. This section is an important resource for moving stories about obstacles people have faced and the ingenuity with which they tackled and overcame those obstacles. Their stories encourage us to recognize there is hope in a world that frustrates us and leaves us feeling helpless; and that we can make a difference when we are inspired by others who are already busy paving the way for us.

Our stories are unique, but we also share many commonalities as human beings. This section of the blog explores those commonalities to reveal that we are global citizens of humanity on this planet. In these difficult times, most of us are wondering whether our democracy will endure or if our shrinking middle class will survive. We see fear and hatred and bigotry driving a never-ending media frenzy every day. But, through our stories, our successes provide hope that the road is not just a never-ending succession of potholes.

Blogs from this section include issues that impact global citizens, such as:

  • My Story…Your Story
  • Humanity
  • The Shrinking Middle Class
  • Peace
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Human Rights
  • Civil Rights
  • Social Justice
  • Voter’s Rights
  • Equal Rights
  • Collective Consciousness

We Are Our Stories


Our stories matterĀ because they provide us with the gift of hindsight. Each of the events or circumstances in our past has taught us and prepared us for the work we are meant to do on this planet. Our stories mould us as they allow us to make breakthroughs and find our way to a meaningful life.

As I explored the concept of helping people to find their purpose, with an end goal of living a passionate life, I found that many of us have been searching for meaning, wondering why we are here, and what we are supposed to accomplish beyond simply existing between birth and death.

Prior to launching this blog, I spent a year observing what’s going on in the world and educating myself about social, political, economic and environmental issues that impact all of us. I looked at the bigger picture of how the world and its inhabitants have come to be so at odds with each other and out of sync with our beautiful planet.

I considered my personal contributions to the current world status and my role in promoting change. The result of my research, fast-track education and contemplation led me to a profound and incredible discovery: each of us has a story, a compilation of our experiences and memories that have shaped us up to this moment in our lives. Those experiences serve as the signposts in our lives. And, when we begin to take stock of what was important to us in those experiences, each of our stories reveals the purpose for which we were born.

A society capable of naming itself lives within its stories, inhabiting and furnishing them.
We ride stories like rafts, or lay them out on the table like maps.

William Kitterdege
The Nature of Generosity

Which Side of Complacency Do You Stand On?

Stories help us to move from yearning for to living in our passion, to discovering that passion is not just a word, it is a part of our being. It is what drives us even when we don’t realize it. Through reviewing and sharing, we recall times, circumstances, and situations where we acted on determination, intuition or a sense of what was right, without having had any idea why we felt so strongly about it.

Our life review also reveals that we are always the common denominator in our personal suffering and pain, our anger and our frustration, our apathy and our complacency. But, by sharing and listening to stories, we see that we are also the only one who can flip the switch and choose to invite joy and happiness into our lives by living with purpose and passion.

“It’s what we actually do, both inside the mind and in the world that makes the most difference…taking in the good helps you see the good in yourself and in the world.”

Rick Hanson, PhD
Hardwiring Happiness: The Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence

We can choose to participate as global citizens, or we can continue to do the same thing and get the same results as we have in the past. We can accept that, individually, we might not be able to change the world, but as each of us does our part to live with passion and purpose, the ripple effect and the consciousness of the planet is elevated.

There are approximately seven billion people living on this planet. What if even a minute percentage of the world population decided to live a passionate life? At this volatile time in our history, it’s important to consider how our choices impact our global community because the truth is, we really are in it together. And, we need to take responsibility for the roles we have played in bringing the world to this moment in time as well as the roles we will play in the future as global citizens.

“How many new stories and groups will it take before the world recognizes its evolutionary potential, not just its baseness? Because stories are greater than we are, their capacious narratives give us wiggle room to dream. Our families and our communities connect us to the old and new stories and guide us to “lean into the light.”

Paul Hawken
Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came Into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming

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