Age Is An Attitude

Source Imperative is a blog and a free “toolbox” filled with ideas and inspiration. This section focuses on bridging gaps. It is a resource for communication and collaboration on many issues of importance to all of us, some via the wisdom of the elders, both men and women, and some from the innovation of the GenXers and the Millennials. Source Imperative is a forum that encourages us to overcome worn out stereotypes and learn from each other.

#BridgeTheGap came about because I wanted to cross over the invisible gaps that are sometimes created, and come to be accepted without question, around age and gender. I believe the key to constructing this bridge is learning to listen and communicate across these gaps. I also believe that everyone, regardless of age or gender, can benefit from living a passionate life.

I am excited to engage with men and women of all ages as we consider how imperative communication is to shaping the future of the world and the legacy we will leave for our children and grandchildren.

Some of the topics we’ll explore in these blogs include:

  • Millennials
  • Paradigm Shifts
    • Aging
    • GenX
    • Millennials
  • Mentoring
  • Wisdom
  • Innovation
  • Historical Cycles
  • Maiden, Mother, Guardian, Crone
  • Women
  • Gender Gap
  • Wage Gap

The Gift of Hindsight

Hindsight is 20/20 but you only truly appreciate it when you can look back on a life well-lived. We boomers, or elders as many indigenous cultures would call us, have lived, loved, lost, succeeded, failed and landed everywhere in between.

Many of us get excited about this stage of our lives because we realize how many moments we wasted and how few moments we have left. We embrace the truth that age is only an attitude and we are not giving in to appearances, even as we grapple with whether or not to get a face lift so as not to be perceived as old. We love our children and grandchildren and we want to share our wisdom. We also want to make amends for all the things we got wrong; and we want to be a part of creating solutions to the problems we all face. This will be our legacy to future generations.

“The stereotype of aging as a progressive loss of function is generally true for people who stop functioning. The adage “use it or lose it” is a powerful truth for the last quarter of life. … (however,) the brain continues to (develop) new pathways in response to intellectual stimulation until the very moment of death. The ideal in a woman’s elder years is to preserve the biological function that she has matured into at menopause, and to continue her psychological and spiritual development as a “truth teller” who continually calls both people and institutions to their highest potential.”

Joan Borysenko, PhD
Woman’s Book of Life: The Biology, Psychology, and Spirituality of the Feminine Life Cycle

Boomers still have a lot to give and we are just as angry as our children and grandchildren about the shrinking middle class, poverty, America’s crumbling infrastructure and our failing education system. The gift of hindsight allows us to assess our talents to perhaps help others to avoid some of the potholes we landed in.

“We lose our voice in adolescence as the constraints of culture and the dictum ‘be nice, hide your feelings’ puts a lid on sharing our perceptions and intuitions. Throughout our early and midlife adulthood we regain our voices, and by the last quarter of our lives, most of us are once again as outspoken as we were as girls. If we have lived our lives wisely, healed our wounds and continued developing empathy, the truth we speak will be wise and compassionate.”

Joan Borysenko, PhD
Woman’s Book of Life: The Biology, Psychology and Spirituality of the Feminine Life Cycle

Bridge The Gender Gap


I am a fierce, but soft-hearted feminista, a mother, a grandmother, a retired business owner, but most importantly, I am a human being. I recognize that the world is in dire need of some feminine qualities like tolerance, compassion, and love. I choose to direct my efforts as a conscious activist, incorporating feminine principles into all facets of life. My perspective is shaped by my joy in raising two remarkable daughters, and as the beneficiary of my own mother’s incredible capacity for unconditional love.

There is something to be said about a mother’s wisdom. Mothers love unconditionally. Mothers encourage and support and teach. Mothers fight fiercely for those they love, championing causes and fighting for what’s right. Whether they are politicians, business owners, managers or domestic engineers, mothers manage multiple priorities, sacrifice of themselves for what they believe in and, in the end, let their loved ones fly free to explore and discover their own path of life. The world could use the feminine influence of a mother’s wisdom.

Simply put, women just see things differently. We’ve played in a man’s world for many years and now we are seeing that there is a need for compassion, unconditional love and peace in the world, just like in a family. Mother’s bridge the gap with their children every day. Wives bridge the gap with their spouses every day. And, based on what we’ve accomplished since we stood up and claimed our power more than fifty-five years ago, women have done a good job of initiating the bridge for the gender gap in world affairs.

Lest my male readers feel affronted, let me say that you too have “come a long way, baby!” You’ve endured a lot of change since the onset of the women’s movement. I say, with great admiration, BRAVO! to you men who share in the care-giving role in families, who embrace the freedom of not having to do all the heavy lifting in the workplace and who finally feel safe enough to show your vulnerabilities.

Shared Humanity Makes for a Great Bridge

In a world that has only just begun to acknowledge the importance of tolerance, empathy and compassion, it is my hope that #BridgeTheGap will become the forum for coming together through inter-relationality and interdependence. The ultimate goal is to find acceptance, tolerance and peace, which are our rights as human beings and as global citizens.

World peace is perhaps a lofty goal, and one which I will not likely see in my lifetime, but I am determined to do my part. Let’s begin with bridging the gender gap and the generation gap; and then we’ll see what we are capable of, as a collective force to be reckoned with, toward creating the bridge to a world of peaceful co-existence.