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Look Who’ s Making a Difference: Small Town Residents Fight Nestle For Their Water

An Excerpt from Truthout By: Alexis Bonogofsky "Nestlé Is Trying to Break Us": A Pennsylvania Town Fights Predatory Water Extraction  Donna Diehl, a 55-year-old school bus driver from Kunkletown, Pennsylvania, a small historic town located on the edge of the Poconos, wanted to do three things this year: drive the bus, paint her bathroom and [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Librarian Saves Thousands of Books

Excerpt from an Upworthy post By Thom Dunn Under the dark cover of night, a team of clandestine agents smuggled contraband on mule carts past the heavily armed militants who policed the ancient streets of Timbuktu... But this undertaking was a little less "Ocean's Eleven," a little more "Indiana Jones" with an Islamic bent — [...]

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#InItTogether – Pope Francis, The Reformer

Over the last few days, my attention has been drawn to Pope Francis as I joined millions of American who followed his every move on his visit to the United States. I have been following him since he was elected and I have repeatedly said, "I love this Pope!" I am not Catholic. I am [...]

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#InItTogether: Voter Rights Are At Risk

How much do Americans value the right to vote? Voter turnout over the past fifty years reveals a trend of apathy and complacency on the part of half the American population, with an average voter turnout of 40-50% in non-presidential election years and 50-60% in presidential election years. As we head toward 2016, many Americans [...]

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