look Who’s Making A Difference: 16 Year Old GMO Activist Crashes Monsanto Shareholder Meeting

In a classic remake of David vs. Goliath, GMO activist Rachel Parent is taking some of the world’s biggest bullies head on. She is no stranger to bullying whatsoever. After developing an interest in GMOs while studying for her sixth-grade speech assignment, she quickly decided this was something she needed to take a stand against. Not long after that, the teasing and bullying began. And intensified. Little did she know at the time that this very bullying would prepare her to [...]

Look Who’s Making A Difference: Sleep Buses For Homeless

April 28, 2016. An excerpt from Upworthy. By Cameron Stevenson. This Austrailian guy is buying 300 charter buses for an incredible reason: 100,000 homeless folks. 300 busses. And one simple solution. In 1993, Simon Rowe hit hard times, and the only place he had to sleep at night was his car. Two decades later, and no longer homeless, Rowe started looking for a way to give people who are homeless in Melbourne, Australia — like he [...]

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Look Who’ s Making a Difference: Small Town Residents Fight Nestle For Their Water

An Excerpt from Truthout By: Alexis Bonogofsky "Nestlé Is Trying to Break Us": A Pennsylvania Town Fights Predatory Water Extraction  Donna Diehl, a 55-year-old school bus driver from Kunkletown, Pennsylvania, a small historic town located on the edge of the Poconos, wanted to do three things this year: drive the bus, paint her bathroom and learn to crochet. Instead, Diehl, along with dozens of her neighbors, is spending her time trying to stop the largest [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Librarian Saves Thousands of Books

Excerpt from an Upworthy post By Thom Dunn Under the dark cover of night, a team of clandestine agents smuggled contraband on mule carts past the heavily armed militants who policed the ancient streets of Timbuktu... But this undertaking was a little less "Ocean's Eleven," a little more "Indiana Jones" with an Islamic bent — because the traffickers were librarians, and their black market swag was a vast collection of hundreds of thousands of historical manuscripts [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Woman Saves Thousands of Orphans

April 19, 2016 An excerpt from USA Today MUMBAI, INDIA - Caroline Boudreaux had all the material things she wanted in Austin, TX, but still wasn't satisfied with her life. "My life before the sabbatical on the outside looked like what everybody wanted, but on the inside it was actually pretty empty," said Boudreaux, a former television account executive. She took a year off work to travel the world. She didn't go looking for inspiration, but a higher purpose [...]

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Look Who’s Making A Difference: Millionaire Pays for Kindergarten Class to Go to College

Excerpt from Opposing Views on Facebook April 15, 2016 Instead of buying a yacht or another sports car, this millionaire decided to pay for an entire kindergarten class to go to college. Millionaire Marty Burbank was about to buy a new yacht when was inspired by his minister to change the future of a kindergarten class.  Now 26 kids will get a chance at a better future. Some of these kids will be the first [...]

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